Exclusive Morey’s Pier is expanding. see the first photos of the new addition to Surfside Pier.

EXCLUSIVE: We have the first photos, taken yesterday 1/23/2019 of the new extension to Morey’s Surfside Pier. This is Morey’s Piers 50th operating season and it looks like big things are happening.

The south side of the pier where the Flitzer Roller Coaster once stood is being extended. If you look close you can see the new pier extension is being made of metal beams which tell us this is most likely the new location for the new “Runaway Tram Roller Coaster”

This is the same location where a roller coaster was proposed a few years ago to jump the piers. At that time Sam’s pizza owned the land between the piers but our inside sources tell us that the Morey’s bought the property from Sam’s and now they can extend or connect the piers.

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