Family loves The Wildwood Dog Beach!

It was a pleasure meeting you at the Dog Beach with Commissioner Byron. What a nice guy he is; we just love him, and are very grateful to Pete for being instrumental in the creation of our favorite vacation spot, the fabulous dog beach. Thank you so much for participating in our yearly visit with him and taking the photos.       

Along with our dog, Kloey, we are the greatest fans of the Wildwood Dog Beach and Dog Park. Eight years ago, we rescued Kloey from a high-kill shelter in the South when she was 12 weeks old. We soon realized this gentle, incredible dog was a true gift to us. We always wished there was a place we could take her on a vacation – not only because we enjoy her company and wouldn’t think of leaving her home, but we wanted to give some happiness and adventure back to her for all the love and companionship she gives us. And then we discovered Wildwood and the dog beach! It’s a one of a kind, magical. Finally a place that provides a complete and perfect atmosphere for the entire family, including their furry children. We were amazed at how much Kloey enjoyed herself. I noticed even families without dogs chose that section of beach just so they could watch the dogs jumping the waves. Everyone had a smile on their face. Dogs rule in Wildwood. And yes, Kloey, there is a place in the sun for you!  


Three years ago, we made two-week reservations for Wildwood. Then I read that the Poplar Avenue dog beach was closed down. We were ready to cancel our reservation, and I reached out to the city of Wildwood to let them know of our disappointment and ask why they would close such a wonderful place. Commissioner Byron contacted me personally to let me know all is well – they were just moving the dog beach to a bigger, better location. What a relief! That’s how we met Pete.       It was a treat to meet Mr. Morey. Thank God for people like him, who recognize and appreciate the strong bond humans share with their pets. His annual “Gone To The Dogs” at Morey’s Pier waterpark is the greatest thing I have ever witnessed. He told me about all the new activities happening this year, so my daughter and I are coming back to Wildwood with Kloey and her dog, Lulu, for the event.  

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