We’re in the Movie Business, Too

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The vast media empire known as Boca Cape Media, established a scant six months ago by Blogmate Tony Deutsch and me, in addition to this Blog and our Facebook and Twitter presences, also encompasses Boca Cape Films, which has recently released a one-hour documentary called “Fight Day.”

This movie takes Wildwood light heavyweight Chuck “The Professor” Mussachio through the day of his title fight with Philly tough guy Anthony “Boom Boom” Ferrante.

“Fight Day” follows the Professor from his day-time guidance counselor’s role at Middle Township High School all the way to the outcome of the fight. There’s a lot of inside boxing stuff along the way.

I produced, wrote, directed, and edited “Fight Day,” which was filmed and co-directed by North Wildwood’s John Klug. Tony Deutsch and his son Anthony were the glue to the actual hands-on production of this boxing saga.

Fight Day” will be entered into several film festivals and is currently being reviewed by PBS. It is available from Boca Cape Films for $25, which includes postage. Info at 609-465-9968, or Idudleyok@aol.com.

Boca Cape Films will also soon start filming a sequel to the well-received “Boardwalk” documentary, in which I was involved.”Boardwalk Two” is slated for release in June of 2013. The original “Boardwalk” is also available through Boca Cape Films for $25, which includes postage. Info: 609-465-9968, or Idudleyokk@aol.com.

P.S. Get both for forty bucks!