Former Dr Office on Pacific Ave for Sale $495,000

Incredible opportunity! This property sits on a 90×90 corner lot, allowing for a 4-unit condominium building to be built without any required variances. The RM Zoning District is designed to be a high-density district, which provides for multi-family and townhome style units to be developed on individual lots. Permitted uses in the zone range from single-family development to ‘quad’ developments and townhouses. The conditional use standards in the RM Zoning District further expand what is possible within the zone to include high-rise multi-family development, development of a bed and breakfast, etc. The building is perfectly set up currently for a doctor’s office featuring a vestibule to a patient waiting area, a front desk area, 5 patient rooms with sinks, several additional offices, two half baths, a storage area, and an office kitchen. Use your imagination thou

Read more and see the listing here> 4211 Pacific Avenue, Wildwood NJ (

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