Free Pizza Dinner for 2 Contest on The Wildwood Boardwalk – Ends on April 31st

Press Release 2/17/2013 – FREE pizza dinner for two on the Wildwood boardwalk this summer from your friends at and The Boardwalk Blog. We want to thank all of our fans and friends for all the great support sharing and liking our “Watch the tramcar please dot com” Facebook page.

All you need to do is LIKE our “Watch the tramcar please dot com” Facebook page and you will be entered into the contest. One person will be picked from anyone who LIKED our FB page and you will enjoy pizza dinner for two on us and our own Bob Ingram will join you with an autographed DVD of his documentary of The Wildwoods “BOARDWALK”.  You will also be joined by GiGi the tramcar ambassador who will bring you a toy replica of the tramcar and Tony Deutsch will film the dinner and a blog about you and the dinner will be on here, The Boardwalk Blog”


The winner will be announced on May 1st 2013 on this blog and our FB page at “Watch the tramcar please dot com , you will have the chance to choose what pizza place on the Wildwood boardwalk you would like to eat at and you can also can pick the date. Like say.. on your vacation. Please SHARE this blog and tell your friends to LIKE us and be entered into the contest, thanks for all the support, we will continue bring you great photos, stories, and videos for the summer of 2013.


Thanks for all your support , we appreciate it very much.

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