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Hey, Want Some Cool Blog Stuff?

Step right up, fans, because we’ve opened an E-store called, appropriately enough, and you can get a lot of Wildwood and Blog-themed stuff there, including DVDs, photos, mugs, hats, and shirts,

Some of the star turn goods includes an autographed picture of the one and only Gigi, master of all things Tramcar, a pic of yours truly looking all salty on the Boardwalk, the “Boardwalk” DVD, the “Fight Day” DVD starring local boxer Chuck “The Professor” Mussachio, and a limited edition of the Irish Ferris Wheel. When we first posted that picture of the Ferris Wheel with the Shamrock on St. Patty’s Day we got so many hits that our site crashed. Now you can have one of your very own.

Notice I didn’t put any prices here. To find out how much all this great stuff costs, just click on and spend, spend, spend! See you on the Boardwalk and I hope you’ll be head to toe in our stuff.