Hurricane Sandy destroyed bungalows to million dollar homes

The Jersey Shore residents that live on the barrier island’s here all year around have been frightened for years of a direct hit from a powerful storm like the Frankenstorm, AKA Hurricane Sandy that was no treat when it slammed into shorelines along the Jersey coast the week of  Halloween 2012 which had to be cancelled by Gov Chris Christie until the following Monday night, 5 days later.

The aftermath of the storm brought haunting pictures being shared on Facebook of the Casino and Funtown Piers with a twisted roller coaster laying in the Atlantic Ocean and a bumper car from one of the piers washing up on a beach 8 miles away from Seaside Heights when the amusement piers collapsed during the storm.

Where Atlantic City’s  Nucky Thompson built his “Boardwalk Empire,”  Where Bruce Springsteen rocked the Stone Pony, where The Situation and Snooki walked the Seaside Heights Boardwalk in the “Jersey Shore” Reality show and Tony Soprano’s spent summers in his ocean front mansion was devastated by Hurricane Sandy this week, I heard one resident of Mantoloking say he thought he was on another planet.

Along  the Jersey Shore coastline, the storm destroyed towns rich and poor, from bay front summer bungalows to multimillion-dollar homes in LBI and where Atlantic City’s boardwalk disappeared and a roller coaster was left sitting in the ocean off Seaside Heights beach. The worst damage was ocean front to the north but the bay front was hit the hardest in South Jersey as winds and water wrecked  thousands of homes miles inland as well.

People who spent spent their childhood weekends at the Jersey Shore and now are cleaning up, but “Sandy” will never take away the memories family’s have shared for generations even if their homes are lost.


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