Veterans and agent orange issues taken to New Jersey’s First Legislat District by Wildwood American Legion Commander Harry Weimar

Wildwood American Legion Post 184 Commander Weimar wants more done for veterans and agent orange.

This is a copy of a letter sent to New Jersey’s First Legislative District

Senator Jeff Van Drew
Assemblyman Bob Andrzejczak
Assemblyman Bruce Land

They responded and will meet with Commander Harry Weimar regarding this issue. 



I am asking for better health care for the men and women who serve and have served our Country. The Vietnam Veterans need more health care facilities and better health care. Agent Orange is killing our vets MY family members and myself and there kids and grand-kids. Agent Orange is a SERIOUS illness . IT NEEDS TO BE RECOGNIZED.!!!!! It’s an outrage that it is not a major concern . I’m begging for help,answers and ACKNOWLEDGMENT!!!!!!!!!! Your military that serve and protect OUR country deserve more. They deserve better. “No man left behind” and your leaving them behind. I will get our voices heard. Do you suffer from agent orange? Doubtful!!!! Do you have good health coverage? Yes. So why can’t the people who fight and fought for our country have it to. Our vets are dying from illness’s related to Agent Orange a Herbicide chemical used from your government that affected our veterans. It’s time something gets done. I will make my voice heard!!! Maybe you should visit some of th  em dying from the illness’s related to Agent Orange and see what they are going through along with their families. It’s heart breaking watching the people who fought for this Country dying from this crap. These are men and woman who put their own life at risk for us. Does nobody get that? They risked their OWN lives. They were away from their families for a long time. They brought back a disease that transferred to their children and grand children . Does anyone understand the suffering and the pain ,sweat,blood , tears exhaustion they went thru for you and I? When will someone do something. How can you all sleep at night? This is an outrage.
Thank you for your time.

Crystal Weimar
102 mallard place
North cape may, NJ 08204

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