Lampliter Oceanside Resorts in Wildwood Crest Announces it’s closing for good.

According to their Facebook page The Lampliter Oceanside Resorts @ 419 East Atlanta Ave in Wildwood Crest is closing down for good. They announced they will be sending out refunds.

Lampliter Oceanside Resorts is a family oriented beachfront motel in Wildwood Crest. We are proud to have been here for customers for more than 50 years! We are so sad to hear they are closing after 50 years!

The Lampliter Oceanside Resorts is located next door to The Mark 1 motel that was just purchased along with 2 more houses and 4 lots west of the motel. We just tried to contact the motel to see if they have sold to the same buyers of the Mark 1. Stay with us for updates on this post.

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