Local tailor makes wedding dress out of WWII Parachute .

Philadelphia PA 1945:

by: Tony Deutsch

My grandfather Anthony Lisa  who was the founder and owner of Lisa’s Tailoring with shops in SW Philly and North Wildwood, NJ, and born in Avalon in 1911  and he did something incredible with my uncle Eddie Sottile parachute that he used when he jumped behind enemy lines as a paratrooper in WWII.

He made a wedding dress out of it !

Julie and Eddie Sottile on their wedding day 1945

My uncle Eddie Sottile fought for his country as a paratrooper in WWII and made 100’s of  jumps across enemy lines as a young man and when he returned home after the war  and was going to marry my aunt Julie,  my grandfather , Julie’s uncle custom designed and made her wedding dress out of my uncles WWII  silk parachute.


Francis and Anthony Lisa

Circa 1931

This story was printed in multiple Philadelphia Newspapers in 1945 , we are looking for the story and if we can find it we will post the complete story on this blog.  Today both family’s children, grandchildren,  great grandchildren and great great grandchildren remember them and the bravery Uncle Eddie showed as he put his life on the line for his country as a paratrooper , and Anthony Lisa for his vision and talent as a tailor to make a Wedding Dress out of  a piece of history from WWII.



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