Madison Resorts Oceanview Lobby Demolished (New Photos)

The former Admiral East, then the Oceanview at 7201 Ocean Avenue in Wildwood Crest office has been demolished by the new owners, Madison Resorts.

There was a movement by local groups to save the lobby, and reports said that the Madison Resorts would save the historic office and lobby. It looked like the effort was going to be successful, but without notice to the groups trying to save the office, it was torn down.

I’m not surprised at all that they tore it down without notifying the groups trying to save it. Why, because they didn’t want reports out there that they were going to tear it down so these groups would not contact them in advance. I never call any official or business for their opinion and information on any project. Why? Because they will just tell you what you want to hear, with their spin on it and then do whatever that want. (Like they did here) With my inside sources, I know more than anyone else does on what’s happening on this island and don’t care to talk to any of official or business.

I’ve been in that office and ran wires there, and I knew there was no way they were going to save it because the structure was in bad shape and not worth saving. Check out these photos by Bradley Bikes!

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