Love on The Wildwood Boardwalk

Lauren and Adam Krabbenhoft—Photo by Visual Variety

Lauren Spuhler and Adam Krabbenhoft were married on June 25, 2011 at First United Methodist Church. The reception was held at Lighthouse Pointe Restaurant.

Laura recalls…

Everyone asks how Adam and I met. In this day of Internet dating, we joke and tell people we met the old-fashioned way — at a bar.

But during that first night, we learned we were both out-of-towners living in Knoxville, Tenn. — a city full of lifelong residents. We both moved here after school for jobs. We both lived less than a mile from one another. And most importantly, we were both single.

For our first date, Adam took me to a sushi restaurant. I would have never dreamed of one day liking sushi when I was a student at Wildwood High School. But after that date, we never went two or three days without seeing each other.

When it came time for making holiday plans, Adam told me he never wanted to travel again without me. So I visited his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, and he came several times to mine in Wildwood. We also traveled to Colorado, Wyoming, St. Louis, Memphis, Atlanta and Nashville.

Many of these trips were for weddings and it was fun to finally have a wedding date. Then on July 16, 2010, Adam took me for a walk on the Wildwood boardwalk. He popped out a ring right as the tramcar passed and asked me to be his wife. Tourists stopped to watch as I said “yes.”

I feel so blessed to have had our wedding in Wildwood, my hometown and the place of so many happy memories for us both. We had many states represented on our wedding day, with his family from the Midwest, our mutual friends from the South and lots of special people from South Jersey.

We never could have imagined seeing them all in one place! The wedding day was beautiful, and our reception was the dance party of a lifetime. Our memories include photos taken on the beach, boardwalk and Ferris wheel.

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