By Boardwalk Bob Ingram

We did a shoot last night at Ed’s Funcade at Lincoln and the Boardwalk – one of three Ed’s arcades – for the Boardwalk movie sequel we’re filming this summer and fall and winter, and in this scene I’m in the glass money booth that skee ball champs get in to gather up the dollar bills that are shot by air all over the place. Believe me, it ain’t easy grabbing them and stuffing them in the money bag they give you.

Ed himself said that when the machine goes on, a big crowd automatically congregates and he was dead on. While I was making a money-hungry fool of myself, quite a gathering was cheering me on and/or laughing at my clumsy efforts.

Anyhow, I think I grabbed about 16 dollars (which I gave back) and it’ll make a nice little comic relief scene for the movie.

FYI, Ed’s is sponsoring the first World Championship Skeeball tournament since they had on in AC in the distant past. The semi-finals are this Saturday and September 1, 8, 15, and 22 and the finals October 6. There are three grand in prize money up for grabs, as well as a really cool trophy to the world champ. We’ll be filming it all for the movie. Stop in and be an extra.




A BIG Thank you going out to everyone attending our first Skeeball World championship on July 14th. We all had a great time. You found out we are serious about Skeeball. We really are giving away lots of $$$ and great prizes. Join us this coming Saturday August 11th for our next round of Skeeball fun. Its worth the drive from everywhere for this event.


It’s not just Skeeball anymore!
See you Saturday,
Ed and the staff of Ed’s Funcade



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