My day at The Wildwoods Vietnam Wall

The Wildwoods Vietnam wall is located across from the Wildwoods Convention Center.

The replica, which took about six weeks to build, measures about 250 feet long and 5 feet, 5 inches high at its highest point. With black granite panels bearing the names of more than 58,000 men and women.
Vince DePrinzio contacted me about fixing the computer system data base where visitors can look up the names of friends and loved ones in a neat touch screen system.
Today I went there and fixed it in 1 hr.
Vince and a few other veterans were standing out front.
I said ” it’s all fixed”. Vince said to me ” send me the bill”.
How could I charge these veterans after they gave up so much for others.
I said ” listen guys… there is no charge for the service, I want to give back to you for your service to our country”. they thanked me and I left.
It was the best day I had all year!
And Memorial day is only 5 days away!
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