New Curley’s Fries and Kohr Bros will be in Containers on Morey’s Adventurer Piers in 2023.

Morey’s proposed a massive renovation to Adventure Pier during a zoning meeting in June of 2020. Now the pier is being renovated for the summer of 2023.

The pier will be turned into a food court with containers, there will be many different foods and maybe alcoholic drinks.

We obtained the plans for this new project:

The plans say that Kohr Bros will be removed and replaced and operate from containers in 2023 on Adventurer Pier, and a NEW Curley’s Fries will also be in a container. The water game will stay on the pier.

The new food hall will be made up 14 new containers about 10 ft long and 11 new containers up to 40 ft long. There also may be food trucks/trailers on the pier.

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