North Wildwood Motel Says The Will Be Ready To Open This Summer.

I stopped to talk to the owners of the Cardinal Motel at 23rd and Atlantic Ave in North Wildwood and found them painting and getting the property ready for when they can open this summer.

They told me they will be ready to clean the rooms and property and even if they have to leave rooms empty for 24 hrs after a guest checks out they are fine with that and after 24hrs they will clean the room thoroughly before renting it again.

The pool area will have less chairs and be spread out for social distancing but they told me the county said the pool chlorine levels might be enough to keep the pools open.

They told me if they only get August and September they will be happy just to get the bills paid. But as soon as they get the green light they will be open.

Visit them online here>

In full disclosure the Cardinal Motel are relatives of mine.

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