North Wildwood to Introduce Bond Ordinance for Various Capital Improvements

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North Wildwood- On Tuesday, February 21st the City of North Wildwood will introduce a capital bond ordinance for $3.85 million that will account for various capital improvements in the Spring and Fall of 2017. The bond amount will be offset by existing capital funding that resulted from the current Administration’s fiscal conservativeness. Below is a list of projects expected to commence in the Spring and Fall of this year, funded by capital surplus and the proposed bond ordinance:


Time Period

Project Description

Estimated Costs

Spring 2017

Dune & Beach Reconstruction


Spring 2017

Virginia Avenue Bulkhead

$ 320,000

Spring 2017

W Marina Court Road Resurfacing

$ 175,000

Fall 2017

Beach Patrol Reconstruction

$ 2,000,000

Fall 2017

14th & Hoffman Canal Bulkhead

$ 500,000

Fall 2017

15th Avenue Reconstruction

$ 500,000

More specifically, the beach patrol headquarters is in a very deteriorating condition due to its age and location. According to our Engineer’s estimates, the beach patrol building’s current state would require over $1 million in repairs and renovations to bring the facility up to current regulatory standards for flood elevation and building safety code. Furthermore, the beach patrol building was built at a time when there were no female lifeguards on the force. Now, experiencing an influx of 15-20 female lifeguards per summer, the building in its current state is unfit to accommodate the populous. The building will be expanded and rebuilt in accordance with the current rules and regulations codified therein the Uniform Construction Code and floodplain management standards. The project will also include fully ADA certified public restrooms to service the beach and boardwalk.

The capital improvements listed on the proposed bond ordinance are a necessity to preserve the health, safety and welfare of our community. Furthermore, half of the projects listed will either be funded through existing capital funding or with regard to the beach sand harvesting project, expected FEMA reimbursements for Jonas,” said Mayor Patrick Rosenello. “Our Administration has made a significant amount of capital improvements that contribute to our quality of life, and we are committed to continuing the progress we have made over my last 3 years as Mayor,” said Rosenello.