North Wildwoods Republican Municipal Committee announces it will endorse current City Council President Patrick Rosenello in the June primary for mayor.

The primary is set for June 4.-North WildwoodsRepublican Municipal Committee announced Thursday  that it plans to endorse current City Council President Patrick Rosenello in the June  primary for mayor.


The committee also announced they will also endorse 1st Ward City Councilwoman Peggy Bishop,  Councilman-at-large Ed Koehler, and 2nd Ward city Councilman Sal Zampirri.

Mayor Bill Henfey’s  announced on Jan. 2 that he would not seek reelection.has served as Councilman-at-large for 12 years and North Wildwood’s Mayor since 2006.

Here are some of the many inprovments to the city this Mayor and Counsel have accomplished with capital improvements like the Bulkhead replaced on Maryland Avenue off of SW 18th Avenue, Emergency Bulkhead Replacement on JFK Beach Drive between 3rd and 4th Avenues, Boardwalk Concrete Repairs, ADA Compliant Beach Access Improvements, the new sea wall, and the sand dunes that saved the ocean side of the city during Hurricane Sandy, residents at first did not like the dune project but now they realize that the decision was the right one.

This blog supports the North Wildwood Republican Committee endorsements for mayor and counsel, they have improved the city while keeping the tax rate the lowest on the island, we encourage residents to support them.

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