Notes From A Monster Weekend

By Boardwalk Bob Ingram

On the Boardwalk late Saturday morning with partner Tony Deutsch, it was like the Fourth of July it was so jammed… plus with all the cool cars in the Car Show, the crowds were crammed together some.


My pal Brian at Play Ball told me on Sunday that as soon as the cars left the Boards on Saturday, the throngs almost vanished. Those cars have a lot of pull.

In addition to the car show, there was Irish Weekend, always a huge draw and this year was no exception … in fact, it looked like there were more stands along Olde New Jersey Ave. And the Irish Boxing is a great way to kick off the whole deal. The Harrowgate kids did better this year against a lot of new faces on the Irish squad.

I think it’s cool, too, the way ring announcer Nino Del Buono introduces “labor leaders” aka union guys to present the trophies after each bout. Makes me think of back rooms and cigar smoke, which have always been part of the fight game.

And the beach was all tented up for the Boy Scouts and the Seafarers weekend in the Crest was going full bore.

It’s amazing how well this Island promotes itself. This weekend was probably the zenith.

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