November Election: Keep BLT on the Menu

By Bob Ingram
That sainted Massachusetts politician Tip O’Neill said that all politics are local.

Nowhere is that more true than in Wildwood, a demographic anomaly that is at once a resort town, a small town, and a small town with, ironically, urban challenges.

And the incumbent slate of Byron-Leonetti-Troiano – BLT, as they are becoming known – has its success rooted in the fact that these three men are rooted in the community that is Wildwood. Pete Byron is in real estate. Tony Leonetti has a hardware store. Ernie Troiano, Jr. runs a cement company that literally helped build Wildwood. These guys are out there daily among the people they serve.

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And when they’re in City hall, the BLT team is accessible. Their doors are open. They listen and react.
It ain’t easy. This team inherited a lot of problems – fiscal and physical – from past administrations, and they’re making headway: taxes are under control, Pacific Avenue is on the move, nuisance properties are being addressed, and there’s a can-do attitude in City Hall.
The BLT guys are making headway, but are abiding by the wise old adage: make haste slowly.
Give them a second administration. They’ve earned it.

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