Our own Tony Deutsch appears as Wildwood Police Chief in a new book by Robert Brewster

From the author of last year’s ground breaking legal drama ‘A Moment of Clarity’ now comes the sequel ‘Clarity Must Prevail’ a bone chilling International thriller that puts our small town heroes in the worldwide spotlight once again.  This time it is behind the scenes, where they are not in their natural comfort zone.  Come along for the ride as newly retirees Judge Jackson and Sheriff Clayton and Wildwood Police Chief Tony Deutsch are caught up in a case of global intrigue with possible universal ramifications. 

How can their small town ways contribute to preventing the loss of immeasurable innocent lives?  This unrestrained page-turner will have you hooked from the start.  Find out more at www.robertcbrewster.com and request a FREE audio or e-book copy of “A Moment of Clarity”, the book that started it all.

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