Pasta Pesto and The Marvis Diner Open Until September 20th.

I talked Milton, the owner of Pasta Pesto at 3810 Atlantic Ave when we had dinner at Pasta Pesto last night there with Dave and Donna Dorworth about how long they will stay open.

Milton told me that they will try and stay open as long as they can through September but most likley until the 20th of September and maybe longer depending on how busy they are.

The also own The Pink Cadillac Diner at 3801 Atlanntic Ave, The Bagel Depot at 2504 Delaware Avenue and The Marvis Diner at 4900 Pacific Ave all in Wildwood, NJ.

The summer of 2020 has been especially hard for restaurants this summer with no indoor seating. Pasta Pesto has a large parking lot which they turned into a beautiful outdoor seating area. The food as alway is 5 stars and so is the service. 

Next time you’re in town stop in for dinner and tell them Tony from Watch The Tramcar Please highly recommend them for a great dinner. You won’t be disappointed!

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