Playing Catch-Up

By Boardwalk Bob Ingram

Have been remiss re Blog lately what with shooting the Boardwalk movie sequel. Yesterday partner Tony Deutsch and I shot a scene at the cool new South end of the Boardwalk (which has actually been all finished for several weeks) with me sitting on the cool beach balls in front of the way cooler “BOARDWALK” sign and then walking up the stairs (most people use the ramp, human nature being what it is) and then showing the camera how the sundial imbedded in the Boardwalk works. Lucky we had a sunny morning. Anyhow, the bike ramp and the sign and the sundial make the wait worth it.


And a really late congrats to Hot Dog Dave and Liz Bannon on the birth of their second son Declan Robert. Very cool Irish name, guys, and I also like his middle name for obvious reasons.

Going to see Dom Irrera with partner Tony and his wife Joanne on Friday night. Irrera actually taught Joanne at one point. Hate to admit it, but it will be the first time I was ever at a comedy club (the Casba).

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