Pools Open Today but under what restrictions?

Pools, Spas, Hair Salons etc will open today in NJ. But what are the restrictions?

We talked to motel owners and property managment managers and here is what you need to know:

Pools have to pratice socal distancing and place chairs 6 feet apart, so limited people can enter the pool area. You will have to reserve your time at the pool either online or some may use a sign in book. Times you can spend at the pool will be limited depending on the properties policies. Someone has to be at the gate the entire time the pool is open and tell people when their time is up by someone playing the pool police. ( that should go over big)

Also, each time people leave the pool area the chairs and railings have to be sanitized. Some motel owners told me they are removing all chairs and tables and people will have to bring their own chairs to the pool and take them when they leave. We know some motels and condo board members who told us they are not even going to open the pool until all restrictions are lifted.

Bottom line is CALL the place you are staying and ask what the rules are for the pool before you get here so you’ll know what their policy is.

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