Read the story behind the cross on the beach in North Wildwood Easter Day 2020.

April brings inspiration in
many ways for shore lovers with the coming spring and Easter. For a number of years a Cross
throughout Lent has been a sign of hope on the North Wildwood Inlet beach. Then in recent
years with dune replenishment and wildlife concerns it was requested to be taken down. The
original cross at the Hereford Inlet Beach a number of years ago was made from driftwood found
by a local Veteran and erected near the location it was found. Others were replicated over the
years by local enthusiasts of faith.

Recently with COVID 19 many have been looking for reassuring signs of hope. On March 19,
Chris Balma, Veteran US Navy, and local entrepreneur, Tom Olsen, retrieved driftwood from the
rocks at the beach behind Hereford Inlet Lighthouse, uncannily close to where the original
driftwood and Cross were located some years ago. Chris is a Founding Member of the Living
Waters Veterans Memorial Chapel, Wildwood, and Tom is also a leader in their Outreach Team.
With the driftwood, they were not only able to make a cross for the Chapel, they made a second
one for Easter weekend to share via social media with local residents and our cherished visitors
who are at their main residences during the Federal Government call for social distancing during
the COVID 19 pandemic, and Gov Murphy orders to remain in places of residence until May
Rev Deb Moore, Pastor at the Chapel, lives in North Wildwood and is also a sunrise FaceBook
blogger posting daily Christian inspirations. She said, “I knew as soon as I saw the driftwood, it
was meant not only for Chris and Tom to make a cross for the Chapel, but to give HOPE to
many this Easter.” With the help of North Wildwood and the support of Anthony Deutsch,
Watch the Tram Car Please, the Cross was viewed on Easter weekend with a special message
Thanks for joining us for a very special EASTER SUNRISE 2020 this morning on our Facebook page Watch the Tramcar
Have a blessed, safe, Happy Easter! He Is Risen!

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