Sam’s Pizza Opens This Friday !! Soon The NEW Shore Plaza Beach Resort

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Wildwood NJ:  Good news for pizza lovers, this Friday the most famous Pizzeria on the Jersey Shore will be open for business.

Sam’s Pizza Opens Friday 2/18/2012

Sam's Pizza Wildwood Boardwalk


Since 1957 Sam’s Pizza has been serving the best pizza on the Wildwood Boardwalk and I think all of New Jersey, and last summer for the first time I could remember Bob Ingram and I saw customers waiting in line night after night for their favorite pizza. Stretching down the boardwalk for 1 block turning down the ramp on Juniper ave, and roped off so the tramcar can pass by.these hungry loyal customers.

I spent every summer in North Wildwood since I was born, my family owned 4 houses on 22nd street since 1950 and I have been going to Sam’s Pizza  ever since I can remember,  I would ride my bike up 22nd street and get 2 slices and a soda and still have change left from a buck, which was a treat since I was making .25 cents a day working in my family’s tailor shop in SW Philly all winter after school helping my grandfather make custom made, hand cut,men’s wool suit’s that sold for $19.99!!

When you visit Sam’s Pizza this summer if will have a different look, but will  bring back memories of the past .What is different you might ask?  There is a motel built around it again, !!   That’s right the NEW Shore Plaza Beach Resort has risen from the ashes , this  landmark was not lost to development but a fire that completely destroyed this famous motel in December of 2005.

The Shore Plaza Motel was a classic Wildwood “Doo-Wop” motel, with curved balconies overlooking the boardwalk and a rooftop pool. It was opened in 1957 by Salvatore Spera, along with Sam’s Pizza, at 26th Avenue and the Boardwalk.


CLICK HERE to read about the History behind the PIZZA !!

Today the construction of the new complex is on target to be finished for the spring of 2012., Bob Ingram and I were taken for a tour of  the new beach front resort during construction by Anthony Z,  it is a state of the art,  1st class building with a million dollar view, and a new rooftop pool children’s, swimming pool and Jacuzzi, Flat screen TVs in all units, two room suites available and free internet access !!

Click on the Shore Plaza Beach Resort Logo Below to Reserve your Room Today !!

After all the landmarks in the city have been lost to the so-called real estate boom and development from a decade ago,  this is the ONLY city landmark that has been rebuilt, on the same property and in the same basic design as the lost Shore Plaza Motel.  This spring the NEW Shore Plaza Beach Resort will bring back memories to  thousands of their former customers and locals alike that stayed there over that past 40 years and will again be able to walk the Wildwood Boardwalk,  and as they turn the corner at 26th street they will look up above Sam’s Pizza,  and see something most of them though they would never see again, a beautiful rebuilt ocean front complex The NEW Shore Plaza Beach Resort !!

Why is Sam’s Pizza Palace so successful? Is it the Pizza dough, the sauce, the cheese… is it the location or the family atmosphere? Is it the familiarity of seeing the same faces year in and year out?  There is not a day I have gone into Sam’s without seeing Mr. Spera keeping a keen eye on the business, Tony and Manuel making the pies, Stephen at the grill along with Anthony (Z) running the operation.  How many times prior to the Fire would you see Roe or Rita run up from the hotel’s front desk to grab a slice or say hello to someone who would walk by. Or is it the fact that they have the ability to hire a group of hard working kids that seem to enjoy going to work and return to Sam’s year after year as they finish High School, move on to College and beyond. And today we see a 3rd generation of the Spera Family members as Sal, Toni and Dante have all taken on roles in the family business.


So this summer  on the Wildwood Boardwalk you will hear two sayings over and over again  ” Watch the Tramcar Please” and  ” WOW !! Look at the NEW Shore Plaza Beach Resort”