Colleen’s by the Sea & The Stardust all could be where a Choice Hotel will stand by the end of 2019.

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The Stardust nightclub and Colleen’s by the Sea were sold and in the process of being torn down and replaced with a new Choice Motel by the end of 2019. Our inside sources tell us that the are trying to by The Hurricane East but the owner does not want to sell which is the only snag in the deal. If the deal does not go thru with approvals our sources tell us Colleen’s By The Sea my reopen this summer for the last time.

There’s a lot of moving part in the deal and we are in contact with the city and realtors to be the first to get the inside story. Choice hotels wants to build on the property but.. they don’t want the Hurricane East next door to them. We will have more on this story and report it to you as soon as we get the word. Right now they have no approvals from the City of Wildwood Zoning and have not obtained any permits.