We Found The Big Blue Sightseer in Chicago.

In September of 2020 The Big Blue Sightseer Facebook Page wrote: Captain Schumann and the Crew of the Big Blue Sightseer would like to thank all of you for your support over the past 42 seasons (67 in total, counting the years that Captain Otto Stocker was at the helm). Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, the Big Blue Sightseer is now just another Wildwood memory. We will never forget all the smiling faces of the happy families that visited us throughout the years, as well as the good people of Cape May County who always had nice things to say about us. Even this author finds it hard to hold back some tears. Please feel free to comment below to share some memories or pictures from times that you’ve enjoyed with us. We will sincerely miss all of you.

We’ll, now we have located the former Wildwood Iconic Big Blue Sightseer, it’s in Chicago and it is being used as a party boat!

The Big Blue Sightseer is now named, The Sightseer, and used to run Booze Cruises on Lake Michigan. The boat received a new paint job, they also installed 2 bars and has a capacity of 178.

We are happy to see the famous Wildwood iconic boat has found a new home in Chicago.

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