The Boardwalk Blog gets over 400,000 visitors in 1 year !!

We have had over 400,000 visitors in our first year which ads up to over 1,1oo visitors a day !!


When Bob Ingram and I started this blog  in September of 20111 we had no idea we would have so much response and visitors to our blog, here is what some of the messages we had sent to us say!!

Bunky Gretton

Thank you for what you are doing… Love the page…

Koolsneaks Gaspedal

Nice sunrise

Heather Gozzard-Ehritz

I just wanted to share this video but was not sure if you would appreciate it on your wall. We had a great time there a few weeks ago. This captures our whole vacation in under 10 minutes. I think we could do a commercial for the island…lol! Share on your wall if you wish.

Steven J. Clark

Who is running this page

You do a good job

Sallyanne Cranmer

Thanks again Tony! Thanks for all you do!

Brian Cairns

Just want to say……..Your site is really cool!!!

Terri Pollanger

I love the pictures you post!

Frank Schaeffer

hey love the old wildwood pics

Diana Woolson

Thank You !!! For Your Friendship…

These are just a few comments we have received  out of 100’s of responses to our stories, blogs and video’s.  This  summer we filmed the NEW documentary about the Wildwood Boardwalk ” BOARDWALK 2″ and we have meet many people and  fans of Bob’s first documentary ” BOARDWALK” .

“BOARDWALK 2” is expected to be released in the spring of 2013 and will be sold in stores all over the boardwalk and other locations, we will have it for sale on this blog also.

As our first anniversary passes we would like to thank everyone who has helped us out along the way.. so many friends and family. boardwalk business people and many more, really to many to list, but you know who you are !!!  “THANK YOU”


Today we have established The Boardwalk Blog at this site, along with Wildwood’s only picture, video and music sharing site at, Boca Cape Films and look for our 2 new web site’s we will have up and running for the summer of 2013 !!   Stay with this blog for daily updated news, pictures, video’s and stories 24/7/365.


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