The Daily Boardwalk Blog is back with Daily Post by Tony Deutsch.

Great news Wildwoodians, The Boardwalk Blog is back. We started this website and the Boardwalk Blog in 2011. 

When I first started  I blogged almost every day and as years went by I slowly slipped away from the original reason I started and I stopped blogging as often until I stopped writing at all. 

I always wanted  the Boardwalk Blog to be different than just posting videos and photos and I wanted to give you an inside look at what’s happening in and around The Wildwoods. The inside scoop and daily happenings to keep you informed daily. 

So we’re back and this is the first blog I have written in a long time. I have some great stories to blog about, some personal, some  investigative and most about  Wildwood, NJ  but also about great places all around Cape May County you might not know about or heard of. Like our great FREE CMC Zoo.

Wildwood Social Media pages are getting boring with everyone posting the same press releases, photos, videos and stories. I always wanted to be different and not post the same thing everyone else is and that’s what this blog will do. 

So I will be blogging daily and in some of my posts will be cool Wildwood, NJ give-aways like this 3″ LOVE Wildwood pin/magnet.  Email us to purchase one at ONLY $8.99 plus $1.99 shipping

Want to know the inside scoop about what’s happening in the Wildwoods? We have many reliable inside sources who contact me with inside info about what’s happening in and around The Wildwoods and we will break the stories you won’t read anywhere else first.

Thanks for all the support and look for my daily blogs and stories every day. Check back daily only at


Tony Deutsch

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