The Boardwalk Blog Photo Contest Ends in 3 Days on 11/30/2013

The Boardwalk Blog photo contest will end in 3 days on 11/30/2013, one month earlier than the original date. The good news is there will be two winners, one for personal or family photos and one for landscape photos. Each person will win pizza dinner for 2 at the pizza place of their choice in the summer of 2014. You will dine with Bob Ingram who wrote and directed “Boardwalk II”  a documentary about the Wildwood Boardwalk that was just shown at the NJ Cape May Film Festival last month, and Gigi the Tramcar Ambassador will also join you. You will receive a autographed copy of the DVD documentary “Boardwalk II” and other surprises.

You will also appear on The Boardwalk Blog with pictures and your thoughts on your favorite vacation destination, Wildwood, NJ.

The reason we are ending the photo contest on 11/30/2013 is there have been over 1,500 photos entered so far and we need to still post over 700. Any photos we receive after midnight on 11/30/2013 will NOT be entered into the contest.

When we have posted all the photos, the top 10 photos in each category will be chosen, then we will pick a winner and announce it here on The Boardwalk Blog and on our Facebook Page.  .

We would like to thanks everyone who sent in their favorite photos of Wildwood, NJ. We have received a lot of great ones like this taken by: Corrie Pisciottano. How cool is this?


and this one by:Maureen Daly


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