The New Jersey State Firemen’s Convention Is Cancelled for 2020

We were just informed today that the 2020 NJ State Firemen’s COnvention is cancelled.

 During a special ZOOM meeting held on Saturday, May 30 at 9 AM of the executive committee of the New Jersey State Fireman’s Association convention. 

September 18th, 19th and 20th were when the convention was suppose to take place.

The Executive Committee held a special meeting today, Saturday, 5/30, and voted 21-0 to cancel the 2020 Convention and incorporate the necessary voting at “walk Through” County Caucuses.  Delegates and Life Members would register, receive ballots, vote, receive a packet of information and then leave.  There will not be a meeting, refreshments or congregating of any kind.  Details will be mailed and emailed to all Association Officers.

Read more on thier website here>

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