The Wildwood Boardwalk Facebook Page should keep Wildwood out of the Kate Smith controversy. Shame on them!

Joey Contino, the editor/writer from the Wildwood Boardwalk Facebook page should not have brought Wildwood into the Kate Smith controversy. He doesn’t live here and runs his page from New York where he lives and works. NOT Wildwood.

He’s not part of this community or the pulse that makes it tick. This is all about the article taking you to his Google Ad filled web site so he can make $14.00 throwing the town he claims he supports under the bus.

There was an article in the Daily News about Kate Smith having a potential history of racism, so what the hell does that have to do with The Wildwoods? NOTHING. So he thought he would bring Wildwood into it for NO reason other than to make a few dollars off his Google Ads.

I think this is a disgusting way to get fans and drag The Wildwoods thru the mud and into something they have nothing to do with.

I am unliking and boycotting his Facebook page “Wildwood Boardwalk” for trying to place a dark cloud over our beautiful island and stir up controversy where it does not belong. I am disgusted and appalled he would do this to the island he claims he loves. I urge all our fans to please contact him and tell him to REMOVE this disgusting article and keep The Wildwoods OUT OF IT.

I urge everyone who loves The Wildwoods to email Joey Contino from the Widlwood Boardwalk FB page and tell him to remove the Kate Smith article. Here is his email:

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