This is the Winner of the First Boardwalk Blog Photo Contest in the Landscape Category

Congratulations to Sissy Kline Rutkowski. Your Photo is the WINNER of The First Boardwalk Blog Photo Contest in the landscape category.

This photo we think is just unbelievable and deserves to be the #1 choice. The wild sky and rainbow over Mariners Landing and the Ferris Wheel capture the heart of the boardwalk. I remember the day this photo was taken. I was out taking shots and was excited to see the rainbows and golden sky. As a photographer I am always trying to get the best shot, but I don’t think I can ever top this photo.

We hope everyone enjoyed the First Boardwalk Blog Photo Contest.

Special Announcement!

We will be having another photo contest to be announced within the next few days.

Get your photos ready and Win Pizza Dinner for Two and More!

rainbow ferriswheel

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