Most people don’t know about this Underwater New Jersey Ghost Town

The Round Valley Reservoir in Clinton Township in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, United States, was formed in 1960 when the New Jersey Water Authority constructed two large dams and flooded a large valley. 

According to the state, Round Valley was the best and only option for creating a massive reservoir in New Jersey. It was a large area with a limited population.

In 1989, the state believed that the bodies of eight people presumed to have died in Round Valley hadn’t yet been recovered.

In 1977 a mini-submarine had searched unsuccessfully for bodies.

The deep waters of Round Valley Reservoir are an underwater ghost town that has been called the Bermuda Triangle of New Jersey, and over 26 people have drowned there since 1971. Six of them have never been found.

Photo’s courtesy of Media 523

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