UPDATE: County Office of Emergency Management Monitors Changes in Coastal Storm

COURT HOUSE -The Cape May County Office of Emergency Management continues to monitor Hurricane Sandy which may bring nor’easter-like conditions to the region Sunday and into early next week.

The Cape May County Office of Emergency Management is in contact with state emergency management officials, the National Weather Service and local offices of Emergency Management as they continue to track Hurricane Sandy. The storm passed over Cuba on Thursday and is expected to take a track up the eastern seaboard of the United States. It is possible that the Mid-Atlantic region, including New Jersey, will feel effects from this storm. The strongest effects of this storm are likely from Sunday evening through Tuesday afternoon.

Emergency Management Coordinator Marty Pagliughi advises residents to begin preparations on their properties. It is possible that the area, especially coastal communities, may experience strong winds, flooding, and significant rainfall during this event. It is also possible that power outages could affect coastal communities in New Jersey during the storm.

Precautionary measures include securing any objects on your property that could become airborne during strong winds including small chairs, umbrellas, tables, trash cans and outdoor decorations. Boat owners whose boats are still moored should consider securing their vessel in the event of strong winds, high tides, and rough waters on the bay side and on the ocean.

The County will provide updates on our website capemaycountygov.net and on facebook. Additionally, you can go to readycapemaycounty.org for a complete list of preparedness measures. If you have an emergency, please call 9-1-1.

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