Watch the tramcar please Hits 150,000 visitors

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Thank our 150,000 reader and visitors !!

The Story Behind the Story!!

One day last summer while walking on the boardwalk with my now blogmate Bob Ingram, we started talking about starting a project together , about our favorite place on earth,

The Boardwalk in Wildwood NJ.

So while strolling down the boards on one of our walks together I said to Bob ” Maybe we could do a blog together” and Bob said ” we need a great name” and so it began, I searched for 2 days looking for a great domain name, or maybe or maybe a famous name from the past,,,  then I would call Bob and say ” how about this name, how about that name”  still  no name, so the search continues.

Now I am sitting on my computer typing away looking for a great name, then it hits me !! I remember something Bob said to me a month earlier as we were walking on the boards as the tramcar went by “watch the tram car please” and Bob said to me ” that is the most famous saying in NJ”

Ding, Ding, Ding, that’s it !! thats the name !! but  I said to myself no way that name is available, so I type in and it is a condo rental site,  then I was looking at it and see I forgot to add the “please” to the end of it.

So now I type in and I almost fell out of my chair, it’s available and I could not believe that no one ever though of using this famous saying.

So I called Bob right away and said “guess what?  watchthetramcarplease .com is available” and Bob said ” really? buy it” and so www.watchthetramcarplease was born September 1st 2011.


So we bought .com, .net, .org and .info and we started building the site during August of 2011, that was 6 months ago and 150,000 visitors ago. Since then we have received a proclamation from the City of Wildwood for 25,000 visitors in our first month,  with 417 stories, events and news blogs, 100’s of pictures and 100’s of register users along with 1,500 Facebook friends @ Wildwood Boardwalk Tramcar.

Bob and I would like to thank everyone who has helped us along the way:

Mayor Ernie Troiano and his staff for all their help,  Dorothy Kulisek from the Sun by the Sea paper everything she has helped us with, Mrs Anne Vinci from the Wildwood Historical Society for all the great pictures and information,  Dan from the Beach Taxi for our first sign, John Lynch from the Wildwood Convention Center for his friendship and help,  Jack Morey from Morey Piers for his words of encouragement and friendship and letting me be a guest blogger on Morey’s Pier Beach Blog,  Al Alven from Wildwood365 for posting our blog on his site and letting his visitor know about us and for working together with us. And everyone who has helped us I might have missed.

Thanks to all our visitors and friends, it has been a pleasure and wonderful time for us, and if you want to put a smile on someone’s face just say to them ” watch the tram car please” !!