Welcome Cheezy D’s Food Truck this summer!

Cheezy D’s Food Truck will open this May Serving gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.

How it started:

Back in 2016 my Wife and I were attending a Relay for Life Event in PA for a dear friend. On our way back to NJ we stumbled upon a brewery having a food truck extravaganza event. We enjoyed the event so much I jokingly said to my wife, “WE SHOULD OPEN A FOOD TRUCK “That night we stopped at a local Pub , their menu had some unique spins on grilled cheese sandwiches. That JOKE from just a few hours ago combined with this delicious grilled cheese we were eating just became our subject of conversation that night. Having a restaurant background, a passion for cooking and brewing, and always wanting to own and operate my own food establishment or brewery,

it didn’t come as a surprise to Angela when I said:


Cheezy D’s

Throughout the years we would reminisce about that day and the Cheezy D concept, never thinking it would actually come to fruition. Looking back, even though we would laugh about it, I think we both knew it was a good idea…. Well, here we are 8 years later, ready to serve a variety of the most delicious gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.

We look forward to seeing and serving you at our next event.

Dean & Angela

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