Where’s Freddie Wager When You Need Him?

No butt-hanging pants on the Wildwoods Boardwalk? No bikinis over skin?
Gotta have feet covered?
Whoa, this ought to be good if the ordinance get passed and some Class II cop tries to run a bunch of tough-ass kids with low pants or their barefoot girlfriends in bikinis.
How do you enforce it? Droopy pants police? Bikini patrol? Dang, if only the late Wildwood ex-Mayor Fred Wager was still around, he’d be just the guy for the job. Remember how he used to leap off the Boardwalk Inspector cart and grab renegade bicyclists who were on the Boardwalk after 11 a.m.? He was relentless – and hands on. He had no problem grabbing somebody to steer them and their bikes off the Boardwalk.
I guess next there’ll be no-smoking or cussing on the Boardwalk, which is a good idea given the foul-mouth kids endlessly parading up and down with a ciggie in their mouths.
I guess this all falls under the rubric of clean honky-tonk, which is okay as long as there is some honky-tonk left in Wildwood..
Walk softly, low riders.
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