Wildwood Beach Patrol Chief Honored for Safety

WILDWOOD – The City of Wildwood’s Beach Patrol Chief, Steven Stocks, was honored Sept. 11 for his part in helping reduce injuries to members of the city’s beach patrol.

During the regular Board of Commissioners’ meeting, firefighter Daniel Dunn told the board he became the city’s Safety Coordinator in May, 2010.  “I had no idea what that entailed,” he said, noting how quickly summer seemed to come that year. “There was a trend in the Beach Patrol – there were a lot of injuries and a lot of lifeguards were getting hurt.” 

 Dunn said he addressed his concerns to Stocks, who was then a captain. “He and all of the other officers stepped up to the plate big time.”  Both this summer and last, injuries to members of the beach patrol were minimal. “You could count them on one hand,” Dunn said. 

 To achieve that goal, Stocks implemented across-the-board safety training for all members. “They’re instilling it from rookie school to the top of the ranks.  It’s clearly shown and it demonstrates excellence on their part,” said Dunn.

 To acknowledge Stocks’ efforts in helping curtail injuries, Dunn nominated the now-chief for special recognition by the safety incentive program of the Atlantic County Joint Insurance Fund (JIF).

 “At the end of the year, they accept nominations for special recognition awards for departments or municipalities that have gone above and beyond to insure safety in their department,” said Dunn.

 The nomination was done in order to acknowledge the steps taken by Stocks and the patrol to curtail work-related injuries.

 “This is for Chief Stocks, said Dunn, “and it’s also for his staff that does an excellent job. I’m proud to work with them.”

Wildwood Beach Patrol Chief Honored for Safety Photo-1


(Photo caption:   Daniel Dunn, left, presents award to Steven Stocks, right )

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