Wildwood Boardwalk Reconstructed Section Opens Today May 6th at 3:30

Wildwood Mayor Pete Byron announced today that the Boardwalk
Rehabilitation Project stretching three blocks from Oak to Maple Avenues is set to be open and
be fully accessible by 3:30pm this Friday. “I am delighted that businesses can open their
storefronts and visitors can stroll the boardwalk two weeks earlier than expected,” Byron said.
This first phase of the boardwalk overhaul was funded by a $4 million grant provided by
Governor Murphy in recognition of his 2020 commitment to assist the Wildwoods in their
multiyear efforts to restore the century old structure. “Governor Murphy has consistently
acknowledged that the boardwalk is a key asset to the city and a uniquely important attraction to
the Jersey shore. The refurbished substructure, new decking and rails clearly shows the
Governor’s sincere commitment to the City of Wildwood, and we can’t overemphasize our
gratitude,” said Byron.

Adding to the excitement of this phase completion, the city recently announced that another $4
million is proposed in the Governor’s 2023 budget in addition to a $3.2 million US Economic
Development Administration grant. The $7.2 million is expected to rehabilitate 5 more blocks
from Maple to 26th street. The project is slated to start in October 2022 to allow sufficient time
to be finished by May 2023 to avoid any serious disruptions for local businesses.
Commissioner of Revenue and Finance Krista Fitzsimons said, “The Boardwalk has always been
an important attraction that allows the City to help keep the local tax base stable. It is incumbent
upon us not to burden our taxpayers to fix the Boardwalk. I am incredibly proud that this
administration has been able to secure 11.2 million dollars in funding for this project.”
Commissioner of Public Safety Steve Mikulski, who is also a Wildwood business owner stated,
“Our boardwalk business owners have been incredibly patient, not only during this winter’s
reconstruction but also during the previous years the Boardwalk sat in disrepair. Being two
weeks ahead of schedule is a win for everyone.”
A more formal ceremony will take place when Governor Murphy visits in the near future.

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