Wildwood Car Show – Brings the Browns to Town

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My good friend Willie Brown’s parents are in town with their 49 Plymouth,  for the boardwalk car show, so even though I have known Willie for 30 years and every summer since I was a kid we would always get together and have a lot of fun, I only meet his parents one time before.

So this week Willie texted me and said that his parents were going to be on the boardwalk with their 49 Plymouth, so he told me to go and pick his dads car apart and then see what he says, so I agreed.

And I told Willie I would offer him $50,000 for the car, Willie said he would never sell that car,  well we’re gonna see about that.. I bet he takes the money and I get my car.

Will has no idea I am going to buy his car today !!!

So now I get to pick apart his car.. and get him down to $40,000, a look under the hood and I see a new oil filter system …hum?

Mr and Mrs Brown are some great people, and my wife Joanne and I had a great time looking at their beautiful car,  so after having some fun with them for a few minutes I said listen” How about I offer you 50,000 for your car.. and I will drive it off the boardwalk right now and take it home”  and they still did not know who I was… so I said ” some guy named Willie Brown sent me up here to pick your car apart an make you an offer” and Mrs Brown said..” huh what did you say” and I said it again and she said to me.. ” thats my son.. Willie Brown” .. I said “really? he put me up to this”

So we had a good laugh with them and we really enjoyed their company, Will and Dot Brown are the kind of people you want to be around, down to earth folks with a great sense of humor..  they are from the generation of people that built this country, fought for this country, and believed that hard work and faith was all you needed to live the great American dream.

I remember as a boy growing up in S and SW Philly and my neighborhood was full of this hard working generation of people,  and oh how I miss that small street and the people of that generation, thank you Will and Dot Brown for making me remember that their once was a time this country was full of people like the both of you, it was my pleasure spending time with you today, I hope to see you both again back here soon !!




Joanne and I had a lot of fun with Will and Dot..

So now I have to go make room in my garage for my new car… thanks Will !!  I will take good care of it..and yes it is for sale..I’ll take $60,000 for it.. any buyers?