Wildwood Centennial Committee Launches Gardening Program

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WILDWOOD – The City of Wildwood is seeking “green” volunteers for a new Community Gardening Program designed to transform some of Wildwood’s parks into oasis of flowers, vegetables and other plantings. The program, developed through the City of Wildwood Centennial Committee, gives civic organizations, businesses and neighborhood groups the opportunity to develop gardens on City property.

The project is intended to honor the 100th Anniversary of the City by staking a claim for its future. The program is designed to help beautify some of Wildwood’s green spaces and to develop gardens that will provide fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers for the participants. The program will also show young children how to garden, as well as emphasizing the importance of fruit and vegetables to a healthy diet.
“Wildwood has always taken great pride in our many parks and public open spaces,” said Mayor Ernie Troiano, Jr. “We are very excited to be celebrating our Centennial this year. Getting residents involved in using our parks to garden is a great way for neighbors to strengthen ties and beautify the area while teaching our children the benefit of healthy eating.”
Volunteers will work with the Centennial Committee and the City of Wildwood to build, cultivate and maintain gardens. Locations will be announced soon and chosen from the City’s parks and other municipal property inventory. A plan will be developed for each site involving some cleaning, planting and other landscaping activity, followed by periodic maintenance to preserve and enhance the green effort.
“The appearance of Wildwood is very important, not only for the quality of life of our residents, but also to show our visitors that we are welcoming them into a safe, clean, friendly community,” added Troiano. “We hope that our Green Ambassadors will create a lasting legacy from the Centennial that will endure for years to come.”
The gardening program is another avenue for citizens to work with their neighbors to improve the community, encourage consumption of locally grown food and eat healthfully. To be a part of the Centennial Community Gardening Program, residents, businesses and civic organizations are encouraged to request an application and program guidelines that are available at City Hall or on the City of Wildwood website: www.wildwoodnj.org or contact Ellen DeVito by phone at 609-846-2046 or by email: e.devito@wildwoodnj.org.