Wildwood Centennial Planning Session Held

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By Boardwalk Bob Ingram

With this year marking Wildwood’s 100th anniversary as a municipality, a planning session was recently held at city hall to get the celebration ball rolling.

Led by Drs. Susan Schaefer, principal of Schaefer Communications, LLC., the afternoon-long brainstorming meeting focused on the various possible events to highlight this most significant year in  Wildwood’s history.

Attending the meeting were:

  • Jodi DiEduardo of Crest Savings Bank
  • Caroline Ann Ranoia of Catamaran Media
  • Steve Tecco of the Hotel/Motel Association
  • Tracey DuFault of the Chamber of Commerce
  • John Lynch of the Wildwoods Convention Center
  • Dennis Anderson, superintendent of the Wildwood schools system
  • Gary McGhee of the Classic Car Auction
  • Clark Doram of Morey’s Piers
  • Mike Porch, Wildwood public information officer
  • John Roat of the Wildwood Historical Society
  • Dan McElrevey of the Doo Wop Preservation League
  • Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano, Jr.
  • Ellen DeVito, confidential assistant to the Wildwood Office of Commissioners
  • Bob Ingram of this Blog

This group worked extremely well together and generated a wealth of ideas to make Wildwood’s Centennial something to remember for another 100 years.

Stay tuned to this blog for ongoing reports on the Wildwood Centennial – and join in and enjoy the events you’ll see highlighted here.