Wildwood, New Jersey Landmarks. Part 1

Dick Clark said that “Wildwood was the birthplace of rock and roll” It is where people came on vacation to go to Moore’s Inlet and The Red Garter. The enjoyed the boardwalk movie theaters, Skyline golf, Aqua Circus, The Castle Dracula, Morey’s Piers Hitchcock Manor and Jumbo Jet Roller Coaster, Hunt’s Piers Jungleland and The Keystone Kops.

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The waited in line at Zaberers Restaurant, drank vino at Russo’s Restaurant and turf lounge, danced all night at the Stardust, The Penalty Box, The Oasis, The Fairview and Maggie Mays, The Martinique, The London Ale House, Henry’s Bar and the Bolero.



The Wildwoods for over 100 years making memories.

Families still come here and make memories. Look for Part 2 coming soon.

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