Wildwood Motel and Hotel Pools will Open June 22nd.

June 22nd swimming pools at motel and hotels will open. Motel and hotel pools are considered private since you have to pay to stay their and people cannot just walk in off the street.  

We contacted The Cape May County Department of Health today and they said more information would be releases this week.

The Gov website says: “Municipal and private-club swimming pools will be able to reopen on June 22. Summer camps will be able to use their pools when they reopen on July 6.” For more info visit them online @ https://www.state.nj.us/governor/news/news/562020/approved/20200601a.shtml

STAGE 2: Restrictions are relaxed on activities that can be easily safeguarded.

Phased-in businesses and activities, with adherence to safeguarding and modification guidelines, include:

  • Outdoor dining (beginning on June 15th)
  • Limited in-person retail (beginning on June 15th)
  • Hair salons and barber shops (beginning on June 22nd)
  • Youth summer programs (beginning on July 6th)
  • In-person clinical research/labs
  • Limited fitness/gyms
  • Limited in-person government services (e.g. – Motor Vehicle Commission)
  • Museums/libraries
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