Wildwood, New Jersey Newest Boardwalk Hotel Plans.

The property located at 3000 Boardwalk is between Glenwood and Maple Aves and the boardwalk. Two weeks ago, someone bid 6.2 million dollars. We went to the city of Wildwood and obtained more info, and during our investigation, we found out that an application was submitted to the Wildwood NJ Planning and Zoning Board on November in the application they are asking to add two new floors, a rooftop pool, and a restaurant with a total of 75 rooms. The new hotel name will be ““The Wild Resort.”

We also learned that the restaurant would hold 150 people and the top 2 floors will have suites with private balconies with private pools.

When I was a kid the 2 story Wildwood blowing alley was right behind this building on Glenwood, it was torn down a few years ago. The film with Robert Mitchum called Going Home was filmed under the boardwalk between Glenwood and Maple.

In closing I will say that I will believe it when I see it. Since the 70’s I have heard, we were going to get an Indian casino, a roller coaster that will jump piers, in 2003 a new hotel was supposed to be build where the oceanic is with a retractable roof, The WB motel was supposed to be built at the Starlux hotel, a new boardwalk motel at Roberts and the boardwalk was announced a few years ago, a host hotel on the parking lots at the Convention center and on and on and on with many other projects and businesses announced and they never happened. Like I said, I’ll believe it when I see it!

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