Wildwood NJ Boardwalk Reconstruction has been stopped!

The Wildwood boardwalk reconstruction project started a few weeks ago on phase 3. Now all work on the boardwalk reconstruction project has been stopped by a judge.

The issue is the second lowest bidder has filed suit. They believe they are low bidder. So, as of this post, the work on the Wildwood NJ boardwalk reconstruction has been completely stopped.

According to the court papers (we have obtained them) – The current contractor was awarded the contract improperly. The other contractor filed a complaint to stop the work on the boardwalk until it’s settled. We are going through the court pages one of the counts are that the current contract was unqualified and doing dangerous and faulty work. Why they were where chosen, is also a point of contention. This is a major lawsuit that may delay the construction of the boardwalk and may or may not disrupt the upcoming tourist season. If there are impropriety allegation or violation to the bidding process the cost to the taxpayer may be millions.

The City of Wildwood awarded the contract to Fred M. Schiavone Construction, Inc

The lawsuit says:

“Schiavone was not lawfully entitled to an award of the Project because either it failed to
name the subcontractor performing the Structural Steel Work or because Schiavone is not qualified
to self-perform such work. Feriozzi, as the lowest responsive and responsible bidder, is entitled
to an award of the Project contract.
Feriozzi respectfully asks this Court to compel a recission of the award to Schiavone,
compel an award to Feriozzi, and, while this litigation is pending, temporarily and preliminarily.”

“Schiavone was the only bidder which did not list a structural steel and ornamental iron work
subcontractor. Copies of Schiavone’s List of Proposed Subcontractors, Feriozzi’s List of
Proposed Subcontractors, and Walter Marine Construction’s List of Proposed Subcontractors
are annexed hereto, respectively,”

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