An Important Message from The Wildwood NJ Dog Park

Dear patrons of the Wildwood Dog Park, after recent complaints and damages to obstacles within the park, we feel it necessary to post the following statement. Upon entering both sides of the dog park, there are signs regarding the behavior of children within the park. The sign states that children need to stay off the sand piles and obstacles which are solely intended for the enjoyment of dogs, yet the signs appear to be continuously ignored or disregarded. The Wildwood Dog Park is just what the name implies, a “Dog Park”. It is not a playground for children. The obstacles are not built with the safety precautions and standards of playground equipment, therefore we do not allow children to use them. For the park to remain in operation, the rules posted must be adhered to. If children are seen on the obstacles and sand piles, those children and their party will be asked to leave the park and “not return” for violating the park rules. The Wildwood Dog Park also restricts unsupervised access to minors unless accompanied by an adult, while completely restricting access to children under the age of 8 at all times. Our goal is to keep the dog park as enjoyable to dogs and their owners as possible, and limit safety concerns that may jeopardize the very existence of the park. If you notice any safety concerns while enjoying our park, please contact Wildwood Police Department (non emergency number) at (609)522-0222

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