Wildwood, NJ Filmmakers Release New Boardwalk Documentary “BOARDWALK II”

Boca Cape Films has just released their NEW documentary “BOARDWALK II”  ” Back to Wildwood” which is the sequel to the highly acclaimed first documentary released in 2004 “BOARDWALK” Greeting from Wildwood By The Sea.

Look for this poster on The Wildwood Boardwalk

Boardwalk poster

Bob Ingram and Tony Deutsch of Boca Cape Films spent all of 2012 filming this documentary on the Wildwood Boardwalk and the past four months editing and post production. There is some never before seen footage of Wildwoods history in this documentary like Tuffy the Lion, and the Sportland and the Aqua Circus complex. Follow narrator host Bob Ingram as he takes you on a personal tour and walk down the Wildwood Boardwalk that Bob calls ” 2 miles of magic”

Look for this poster at stores along the Wildwood Boardwalk this summer where the DVD will be available for sale, we will be showing the documentary at a location on the Wildwood boardwalk to be announced at a later date.

Visit www.bocacapefilms.com to see the trailer and order a copy by calling 609-465-9968.


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